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Welcome to the NOC

A NOC (Network Operations Centre) service is a centralised location where network administrators monitor and manage the operations of an organisation’s network infrastructure. In the context of digital transformation, a NOC service can play a key role in ensuring the smooth operation of the organisation’s digital systems and services, including networked applications, data centre, cloud services, and internet-of-things devices. This can include monitoring network performance, identifying and troubleshooting issues, and coordinating with other teams to resolve problems.

There is a multitude of benefits a business can expect by outsourcing their NOC services:

  1. Improved network uptime: By monitoring network performance and identifying issues quickly, a NOC can help minimise downtime and ensure that critical systems and services are always available to users.
  2. Increased efficiency: By centralising network management and monitoring, a NOC can make it easier for administrators to identify and resolve problems, which can improve overall efficiency and reduce the risk of human error.
  3. Better security: NOCs can help ensure compliance with industry regulations and security best practices by monitoring network activity and identifying potential security threats, such as hacking attempts or malware infections.
  4. Cost savings: By identifying and resolving network problems quickly, a NOC can help reduce the need for on-site IT staff, which can save money on labor costs.
  5. Increased visibility: NOCs can provide a central location for monitoring and analysing network performance, which can improve the visibility of network activity and provide valuable insights for making strategic decisions.
  6. Improved customer satisfaction: By ensuring high availability of networked systems, a NOC can help improve customer satisfaction by reducing downtime, and quickly addressing problems when they occur.

In an always on world, delivering a world-class 24/7 NOC experience requires a big
investment in skilled resource, processes & technologies.

Next2IT’s NOC services help you flex and scale your Infrastructure environment through high skilled technology and support, extending your capabilities with on-demand Enterprise IT services – at a fraction of the cost of building your own 24/7 NOC. Our NOC services provide scalable, on-demand Enterprise IT-as-a-Service, allowing your business to focus resource where it really matters.

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