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Remote Working: How do I know they are working?

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Overnight the world has gone remote, which is a great testament to the power of technology. But how do you ensure your workforce’s productivity levels remain the same? It could well be that your business is performing better than ever! But do you have the metrics to quantify this? The answer is likely no!

But fear not in this article we are going to discuss our experience in this space and how our clients were able to maintain high levels of quality assurance in the age of remote working. Firstly, we need to understand what metrics are required to build a picture of productivity. At the end of the day, you do not want to implement a micro-management platform. Actually, what you need to do is provide a simple yet powerful way to aggregate end-users data to provide a clean effective productivity score. This way we can quickly understand which of the team requires help and more importantly which of the team deserves rewarding for their efforts.

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Here at Next2IT we have helped many of our clients migrate to remote working platforms, and helped them gain visibility into their remote workforces. The trick is to have a platform that provides the metrics required to quantify your workforce’s productivity and gently remind them when they complete activities that are not work-related. Here are Next2IT we use TimeDoctor for our clients, our deep understanding of the software and our remote deployment capabilities have enabled us to get our clients online quickly and without their IT teams. This has been of great benefit to our clients as often they may also want to monitor the productivity level of the IT department itself. Another area our clients have been impressed with is the reporting capabilities of the platform. However, our clients do not want to spend hours trawling through data. As a result, we have been providing consolidated reports and advice. We will provide details on the top-performing employees and the ones that need some assistance with their productivity.

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Our clients have been really impressed with the software and our enterprise expertise has helped client’s rollout productivity monitoring quickly. Our clients have gained access into the metrics they require to ensure their businesses are operating at their very best.

If you are interested in deploying remote productivity software to ensure your workforce is operating at its optimum, get in touch and find out how Next2IT can support you today!