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Next2IT are officially a certified Microsoft Gold Partner. What does this mean for your company?

Microsoft Partner Network is a service used by Microsoft providers to make resources available to businesses around the world. There’s around 100,000 partners, vendors & service providers worldwide with a limited number being certified Silver or Gold partners.

For any business, recognition for the hard work your team do is always a bonus. Here at Next2IT we’re proud to announce we are a certified Microsoft Gold Partner. This means our team have undertaken a number of exams and assessments to showcase their knowledge. Through completing these exams along with numerous other elements, Next2IT was eligible to enrol as a Gold Partner. There’s no announced figures on how many Gold Partners there are, but it’s estimated that only 1% of partners achieve Gold. No mean feat!

But whats the benefit for my company…

Next2IT as a Microsoft Gold Partners have:

  1. Proven commitment to earning the highest level of customer care & collaboration relationship with Microsoft.
    • Know you’re receiving the highest quality of support and care when you need it most.
  2. Technical and engineering support from a team that’s skilled & certified to a very high standard.
    • No issues too big! Our engineers are experts in delivering innovate solutions ensuing the continuity of your business.
  3. Access to the latest updates and information from Microsoft
    • Ground breaking solutions and updates to keep your business ahead of the curve.

Here at Next2IT, we offer a variety of services with expert engineers covering on-premises infrastructure, cloud, and much more we have you covered, no matter the size of scale. Talk to an expert today on 0330 1332 202 or email [email protected]

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