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Microsoft CSP Licensing is Changing

As of March 2022 the way Microsoft’s charges for their licensing will be changing. Any organisations using CSP licensing will need either to opt for Monthly, Annual or Three-year subscriptions. With the monthly commitments holding a significant premium. Lets take a closer look…

Three Year Commitment: You’re looking at three-years on specific licensing ranging from Dynamics 365 to Microsoft 365. There is the real benefit here of keeping your costs the same for the duration of the commitment. However, this might not be the most suitable for every business.

Yearly Commitment: 1 year fixed pricing for the majority of your licensing needs. Costs for these commitments is likely to remain the same as your current costs. This is likely to be suitable for the majority of businesses.

Monthly Commitment: Great if your organisation is changing frequently and you need the freedom to update your licensing count. However, as we’ve said this does come with a premium. Microsoft will be charging a staggering 20% premium for the monthly commitment!

So what can you do?

There are a number of ways to ensure the price you’re paying for Microsoft licensing is as cost effective as possible. Talk to an expert today to discover how we can streamline your Microsoft licensing ensuing you only pay for what you need. How do we do that? Our experts will analyse your businesses needs, showing you where we can save you money. Not only this, we offer straight forward, simple billing where you can see a full breakdown for each license.  So why not talk to an expert today?

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