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Managing Costs & Maintaining Security Post-Migration

Post migration refers to the period after the process of moving data, applications and other business elements from on-premise to the cloud has been completed. Many organisations at this point take a step back and view the process as completed. Here at Next2IT we ensure our clients realise even post-migration management and maintenance of the cloud must be completed to tame costs & maintain security. To learn more about the migration period click here. In todays blog we’ll explore the 7 key aspects of cloud management post migration.

What is Cloud Management?

Cloud management post migration refers to the on-going activities and processes to ensure efficient operations and maintenance of the cloud environment. For many organisations this will consist of 7 key aspects to manage, however this can vary from business to business. Many organisations can overlook the importance of cloud management post migration and can end-up in mission critical positions due to this.

By ensuring cloud environments are managed efficiently, organisations can control costs and maintain system performance as expected. Many organisations overlook the importance of managing cloud environments and can lead to spiralling costs and increasing user dissatisfaction.

Why is Cloud Management so important?

If cloud management post migration is neglected and not properly performed this can lead to several issues and challenges. Many organisations can be left with poor performance with inadequately scaled resources leading to slow response times, system instability and decreased user satisfaction. Further to this, organisations run the risk of security vulnerabilities. This can lead to an increased risk of data breaches & unauthorised access. With performance and security issues enhanced and cost overruns it is vital organisations plan for post migration cloud management to avoid catastrophes.

The 7 key aspects

In this section we will explore the key tasks related to monitoring, optimisation, security & more to maintain a cloud environment.

Monitoring and Performance ManagementThis involve implementing monitoring tools & practices to track the performance, availability & usage. Further to this, optimising resource allocation & scaling based on demand to ensure optimal performance.
Security and ComplianceCompleting regular reviews of security measures, access controls & encryption mechanisms to protect sensitive data. Ensuring threat detection & prevention mechanisms are audited regularly.
Cost OptimisationUsing cost management tools to identify cost saving opportunities such as: auto-scaling, leveraging reserved instances & saving plans. Reviewing & optimising resource allocations based on usage patterns is key to minimising expenses.
Governance and ComplianceEstablishing policies & processes to define roles & responsibilities, access controls and operational procedures. Implementing change management processes to ensure proper control over modifications to the cloud infrastructure.
Disaster Recovery and Business ContinuityMaintaining a disaster recovery plan is key. Ensuring backup mechanisms for data integrity and minimising downtime. It is vital to regularly test & validate the recovery mechanisms to ensure they work as expected.
Resource Optimisation and AutomationUsing practices to streamline processes, improve efficiency and reduce manual intervention. This helps to reduce costs over the longer term.
Training and DocumentationProviding on-going training and documentation to ensure best practices are maintained and resources are utilised effectively. Enhancing the ability to create detailed disaster recovery and continuity plans.

How Next2IT can help

Here at Next2IT, our Cloud Operations Centre help businesses of all sizes manage their cloud environment efficiently, reduce costs, and improve performance. Our experts can monitor, optimise and review your security & compliance allowing your team more time to focus on core business activities. Through focusing on cost & security management Next2IT can align your organisations budget with long term goals, ensuring your cloud environment is running efficiently & performing to the highest standard.

Why not talk to an expert today on 0330 1332 202 or email Follow us on LinkedIn to see the latest tips & news.

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