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What is Microsoft Intune 

Here at Next2IT we like to promote management and security within organisations. With this in mind, Microsoft Intune does just this. By providing a centralised platform for IT administrators to manage policies and configurations across a range of devices & platforms. Ensuring endpoint security has never been so easy. 

What are the features? 

Intune offers a wide range of features & capabilities, including: Device enrolment, app deployment, device and app management, conditional access, compliance policies as well as reporting. These features help enterprise organisations to achieve greater control of devices, strengthening their security position and streamlining IT operations. Below we explore these features in more detail. 

  1. Device Management: Intune enables IT administrators to manage a range of devices including mobile devices, PCs and laptops. Profiles can be created for both corporate devices and personal devices, enabling users to securely access company information. By providing a centralised control for device management, enabling administrators to enforce policies, deployment of applications and manage settings across all devices. 
  1. Mobile application management: With Intune, organisations can manage and secure their mobile applications regardless of if these are developed in-house or via third-party vendors. Intune allows the administrators to apply policies, such as data encryption and access control, to the applications. 
  1. Conditional access: Intune provides numerous conditional access polices that help ensure only authorised users and devices can access company resources. Administrators can set policies based on various factors including location, security posture and the specific application itself. The level of granularity required can be decided by the IT administrators. 
  1. Compliance policies: Intune enables administrators to set and enforce security and best practice policies to ensure device security reaches a minimum standard. For example, administrators can require devices to have a password or that data is encrypted. 
  1. Reporting & Analytics: Intune provides a host of reporting and analytical capabilities to assist administrators to gain insights into device & application usage, compliance statuses & Security risks. Administrators can use this data to make informed decisions about the policies and configuration and see areas for improvement. 

What is the Next2IT solution 

At Next2IT we have specialised engineers capable of building bespoke Intune environments to meet your organisational needs. Next2IT can provide detailed Low Level Design documents outlining configuration details following best practice & your organisations requirements.  

Not only this, we can take Intune one step further with the enablement of Autopilot deployment profiles. This allows organisations to receive pre-configured devices ready for productive use, with time requirements from internal IT teams. Freeing up your organisations time for more important activities. 

To learn more about the capabilities of Windows Autopilot or Intune profiling why not talk to an expert today. Call 0330 1332 202 or email 

What are the benefits 

Features / BenefitsIntuneAutopilot
Device Management Enforces policies, configures settings and apps Configures devices for business use 
Device Enrolment Supports a wide range of devices and platforms Streamlines device setup 
App Management Manages and secures mobile and desktop apps Automates app deployment and updates 
Conditional Access Ensures secure access to company resources Allows access only from trusted devices 
Compliance Policies Helps ensure devices and apps comply with company policies and regulations Helps ensure devices meet security and compliance requirements 
Reporting and Analytics Provides insight into device and app usage and security risks Offers insights into device setup and deployment 
User Experience Can be transparent or user-driven Improves user experience with streamlined setup 
Security Provides strong security for devices, apps and data Enhances device and data security 

Many organisations may choose to use both solutions together for a comprehensive device management solution. Intune focuses on the device & app management, security and compliance. While Autopilot focuses on streamlining the device deployment and improving the user experiences. 


Microsoft Intune is a centralised platform for IT administrators to manage policies and configurations across a range of devices and platforms. Providing endpoint security and streamlining IT operations. It offers device management, mobile application management, conditional access, compliance policies, and reporting & analytics. Intune can be further enhanced with Autopilot deployment profiles, which streamline device setup and improve the user experience. Both Intune and autopilot offer significant benefits for enterprise organisations. Many organisations choosing to use the solutions together. 

For more information on how Intune & Autopilot can improve you IT operations talk to an expert today on 0330 1332 202, email: or message us on LinkedIn