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Our Cloud Migration Approach

Next2IT breaks down Cloud migrations into 4 phases. The first phase is a fact-finding discovery. During the process we analyse your existing IT landscape to find out its suitability for Cloud computing. More importantly we use this critical data to create a cloud migration road map. Next2IT work tirelessly to ensure that your Cloud transformation is more than just a “Lift & Shift”. We will explore your business objectives and map out suitable technology. The migration process will also result in all your infrastructure being refreshed. At the end of the process your underlying infrastructure will be running supported software, with clear processes to keep your infrastructure updated for years to come.

Why migrate to the Cloud

Organizations who migrated to the Cloud from on-premises saw:


average infrastructure cost savings*


more efficient IT infrastructure management*


more features delivered per year*


reduction in unplanned downtime**


fewer security incidents per year**


companies have already migrated*

Migration without the hassle

  • Fast

    Our vast experience of Cloud migrations means we can migrate workloads fast. Avoiding pitfalls and ensuring the best possible experience for your end-users.

  • Multi-Cloud

    Looking to make use of Aws, Azure, and GCP all at once? Looking to exploit the best for each unique Cloud provider’s services? We are able to deliver a true multi-cloud environment as a service.

  • Managed

    After a successful migration, our managed services ensure your costs remain consistent and in line with your Cloud economics report. Our Cloud experts then extend your IT team ensuring your Cloud’s performance remains at its best.

  • DevSecOps

    Our Cloud experts work using DevSecOps methodology providing infrastructure as code, heavy automation, and security best practices. Unlocking super-fast deployment that you can trust to be secure.

  • Cost Effective

    Our experience in the Cloud ensure we design your solution to be cost-effective without compromising on security, performance or availability.

  • Secure

    Our experts architect your infrastructure to always factor in security as equal to the cloud architecture and never come as an afterthought.

Start your migration today

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