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Google’s acquisition of Mandiant. What does it mean for Cyber security?

Mandiant is one of the best known organisations for cyber defense solutions and on the front line of the fight against cyber crimes. Google has agreed to pay $5.4bn, but what does this mean for Cyber security?

Well… The acquisition allows Google to better compete with rival services from Microsoft, who have developed sophisticated threat intelligence and purchased a number of smaller cyber security companies along the way. The benefit for Google is Mandiant have a close relationship with the US federal government. This allows google to penetrate this segment of the market. The acquisition is both strategical and somewhat defensive, allowing google to compete with Microsoft Azure and AWS.

It’s hoped the increase competition within the cyber security market will lead to cool off the cloud war. Google’s aim is to minimise the impact of cyber attack and even prevent them completely. The purchase of Mandiant provides Google with the GCP offerings to deal with malicious content and software vulnerabilities. With the goal of offering a broader solution to customers.

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