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COVID 19 – When the world went digital.

In recent months the world has seen a shift to using digital technology to enable people to communicate like never before. Whilst all of what we are seeing today in the communication landscape was possible before, a large number were still not embracing it. If you have seen any of the Microsoft Team’s adverts recently, it’s very clear just how important the platform has become to allow businesses to continue to function. This is the same across the board with all unified communication platforms.

The change was of course pushed due to the current travel and social restrictions. Overnight the world went digital. Meetings, catch-ups, and one-to-ones immediately started taking place online. A client recently hosted a meeting on Microsoft teams with over 800 people connected, demonstrating just how powerful the platform has become. What’s even more fascinating about this, is the users connected were not technical wizards. But due to the current restrictions, people have very quickly learned how to embrace digital technology and we are confident this will have changed the world forever.

The question now is, when the restrictions are removed will we all travel as much? Do you really need to commute to the office? Are you more productive at home?

Whatever the outcome it’s clear that people will now embrace digital communications like never before and your IT strategy needs to support it. A well throughout strategy will reduce your business operational costs and will enable true ‘work from anywhere’ capabilities.

If you’re interested in supercharging your business in the digital communication revolution, get in touch with Next2IT and find out how we can start your journey today!